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Wrinkle relaxer treatment before and after

How to Make Wrinkle relaxers Last Longer?

We all know that wrinkle relaxer injection is a great way to reduce wrinkles. Some of our clients are discouraged by the idea of getting injections because they think the effects do not last very long. There are several ways you can maximise your treatment outcome; You need to choose the right cosmetic practitioner. If you

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Dr Fred Fotouhi, a skin cancer doctor examines a patients forearm with a dermatoscope to diagnose skin lesions and diseases, such as melanoma.

Skin Checks in Melbourne

Regular skin checks are vitally important for detecting cancerous moles and melanoma. BOOK A SKIN CHECK APPOINTMENT TODAY APPOINTMENT DURATION FEE OUT OF POCKET* SKIN CHECK (1-2 SPOTS) 15 min $100 $60 FULL BODY SKIN CHECK / MOLE MAPPING 30 min $200 $88.50 1-2 Skin lesions examination You can book an appointment to see one

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