Skin Checks in Melbourne


Regular skin checks are vitally important for detecting cancerous moles and melanoma.

SKIN CHECK (1-2 SPOTS)15 min$100$60

1-2 Skin lesions examination

Dr Fred Fotouhi examining mole on patients body for potential skin cancer

You can book an appointment to see one of our skin cancer doctors to assess 1-2 concerning spots, and your consultation will be billed as a private consultation ($60 out of pocket). It can be as a referral by another doctor to get the second opinion as well. No referral needed and waiting time will be minimal.

Full body skin check

A doctor looks through a dermatoscope at a patient's hands for blemished and smudged moles that may indicate skin cancer

If you are an outdoor person or having a strong personal or family history for skin cancer, it would be suggested to get your full skin check once yearly. It usually takes 20-30 min and will cost only $88.50 out of pocket for medicare cardholders. ($200 for non medicare cardholders and Bulk billing for DVA Gold members)

Digital mole mapping

Body studio

If you are a high risk skin cancer patient, based on our assessment or your interest, we will provide you a full body digital mole mapping. We have the newest ATBM generation that allows a complete, consistent, high-resolution documentation of your skin, with novel software features, state-of-the-art encryption technologies. It takes normally about 20 min, by our Melanographer then will be assessed by our skin cancer doctors.

Our goal is not the early detection of skin cancer, but the earliest detection!

Meet our skin cancer doctors

Visit our skin cancer clinic page for further information on skin and mole check services.

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