Why wrinkle reduction treatment is popular?

Two people on scaffolds smoothing out wrinkles on a female portrait painted on a large wall
Wrinkle reduction treatment can provide you with a smoother and youthful appearance

Wrinkle reduction treatments are one of the most popular treatments sought out by patients. It is quick, medically safe and effective, delivering visible results for the patients.

Due to TGA regulations we are not allowed the naming of medicines, however we can inform you that two preparations are available in Australia.

Cosmetic treatments for most of us:- Just how painful are they? Is it worth it? What could I actually be putting my face through?

8 Reasons why Wrinkle Reduction Treatments are Popular

1. There is no anaesthetic

There is no need to get any local anaesthesia during wrinkle reduction treatment, as you will only feel a small prick from the needle. 

After the skin is cleaned and disinfected, small needles will be used to inject the muscle relaxant in the areas of your face that require the most amount of attention – normally around the eyes, forehead and lips.

Small needles…we can deal with that.

2. You can see the result after a few days

3. It will make you look smoother and younger

4. It's super quick

5. You can wear makeup straight away

6. You don't have to look 'frozen' and 'masked'!

Different clients want a different look, like any other cosmetic treatment.

Some like the frozen look, which makes it more obvious they have had treatment, whereas others want something far more natural.

7. It's not as pricey as you might think

Cosmetic treatments can be pricey, but it all depends on how many units of them you need and which practice you attend.

We see quite often that our clients used to pay $600 -$700 for one treatment session, whereas they can get the same treatment for only $300 – $350 at Elite Medical Centre. The reason is very obvious, we are trying to make it more affordable for more number of our local clients.

8. You may begin to notice results in 24 hours!

How do I get wrinkle reduction treatment?

Our cosmetic doctor will organise a complementary consultation with every new patient considering anti-wrinkle treatment for no out-of-pocket cost.

During the consultation it is important that a full medical history is taken, photographs are taken and patients discuss their needs. Then the location and dose of wrinkle reduction treatment will be advised.

Anti-wrinkle medication can be administered on the first visit. It is injected via very small needles into the regions that the individual would like to relax.  The full effect of the treatment can take up to two weeks to be seen.  The patient should see a gradual softening of their wrinkles over the two-week period following treatment.  If used correctly the patient experiences good results, and depending on their individual characteristics, this medication can last between 3-7 months.

Woman receiving an anti-wrinkle injection to her face at a Cosmetic Clinic
Anti-wrinkle treatments are non-surgical and do not require anaesthesia

Are there any complications from receiving wrinkle reduction treatment?

Some patients may experience the following after receiving treatment to remove wrinkles:

  • Not enough medication – will not give you the result you would like (individually determined depending on the problem the patient is attempting to correct, their age, skin laxity and expression used);
  • Bruising may occur, but resolves in time, cover can be used;
  • Injection discomfort;
  • If you discontinue use, you will revert to your previous wrinkle load. Anti-wrinkle treatment does not increase the amount of wrinkles that you have, you will just be unaccustomed to what your wrinkles look like.
Female face showing wrinkles, such as crows feet and frown lines which are shown as smoothed out following anti-wrinkle injections
Anti-wrinkle treatment results can result in a noticeable reduction of wrinkles on the face

If you’re interested in a consultation for skin care, please call us on (03) 9070 0953 or book online.

You can get more info through drfredfotouhi.com.au sofeminine.co.uk

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