The revolutionary uses of wrinkle reduction treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections

New trends are constantly emerging in aesthetic medicine, and wrinkle reduction treatment is no exception. Medical practitioners frequently use wrinkle reduction treatment “off-label” to address a broader range of cosmetic concerns.

TIME magazine once said, “the uses are numerous and continuously growing, and you might be surprised by all that one revolutionary injectable can do.”

From head to toe, new benefits of wrinkle reduction treatment is constantly being discovered; the possibilities are endless. 

When it comes to wrinkle reduction treatment, finding an injector that you trust and understands your desired outcome is essential. 

At Elite Medical, we pride ourselves on our leading expertise and precision. During your consultation, we will discuss a personalised plan for your particular unique anatomy, aesthetic desires and goals. We pride ourselves on our discreet and natural-looking results. 

Currently, we are seeing many trends on the rise. These include: 


Orbicularis oculi is a paired facial muscle that surrounds each eye. Wrinkle reduction treatment into this area can mimic the effects of a brow lift by relaxing the muscles that are pulling and sinking the brows. Improvement can also be seen for mild hooding of the upper eyelids. 


Bunny lines: diagonal lines that can appear on your nose. Injection into the sides of the nasalis muscle can help reduce these lines. 

Liquid nose-job: wrinkle reduction treatment and wrinkle fillers can be expertly placed to redefine the nose and lift drooping of the nasal tip. 

Mouth and lips 

Drooping of the mouth: corners of the mouth can drop with age which can give the appearance of a frown. Wrinkle reduction treatment into the depressor anguli oris muscles can lift the corners of the lips, resulting in a more youthful appearance. 

Gummy smile: This is a result of overactive lip elevator muscles when smiling. Wrinkle reduction treatment into the hyperactive muscles above the upper lip allow the lip to relax, limiting the appearance of a gummy smile. 


Prominent masseter muscles can give a woman’s jawline a bulky, masculine or square appearance. Wrinkle reduction treatment into the masseter muscles can soften the appearance of the jaw and relieve jaw tension due to teeth grinding associated with TMJ. 

The discovery of benefits and possibilities using wrinkle reduction treatment is continually broadening. Treating acne, keloid scar management, facial redness and flushing, not to mention therapeutic applications, have all seen pleasing and positive results with wrinkle reduction treatment. 

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