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eye lift surgery
The cosmetic enhancement procedure that provides patients with the most natural results in facial rejuvenation.


What is blepharoplasty surgery?

Blepharoplasty surgery removes excess skin from the periorbital region (the area around the eyes), creating a more youthful and smoother-looking appearance. This type of cosmetic surgery can dramatically reduce signs of ageing. Added benefits of eyelid surgery include improving the visual fields by removing eyelid ‘hooding’ as well as symmetry and shape of the eye, and drooping of the eyelids (ptosis) can also be improved. The results can dramatically improve the overall appearance of the face by giving a more refined and natural look.

Belpharoplasty before and after

Blepharoplasty vs. Cosmetic Injections (i.e. filler)

The overall goal when it comes to cosmetic procedures around the eye area, whether it is blepharoplasty surgery or filler, is to achieve a smooth transition from under the eye to the cheekbone. Therefore, the recommended treatment option may differ from one patient to another. During your consultation, we will discuss your desired results and will be able to recommend the best course of treatment. 

Can blepharoplasty surgery remove wrinkles?

The area around your eyes is most commonly the first initial area where signs of ageing begin to show. This is because the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and thin and quickly loses elasticity as you age. Typical signs of ageing include loose skin, wrinkles, creases and deposits of fat. Elite Medical’s eyelid surgery can smooth this skin around the eyes and reposition the natural fat deposits to remove the unwanted signs of ageing. 

What should I expect during the procedure? 

The operation is a very predictable and can be performed under a general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic. An incision is made in the eyelid crease or along the lower lash line. Through this surgical incision, the natural fat pad in the eye area is repositioned, as well as the loose skin from beneath the lower eyelid. Excess skin is lifted and reshaped before the incision is delicately sutured and concealed with extremely fine, dissolving sutures.  

  • Upper eyelid blepharoplasty: the incision is hidden in the eyelid crease
  • Standard lower eyelid blepharoplasty: the incision is made in the lower eyelash line
  • Transconjunctival lower eyelid fat bag removal: an internal incision is made and hidden behind the eyelash line

How long is the recovery and healing time?  

It is important to note that after your surgery you will experience bruising and swelling, which is all part of the natural healing process of the body. Recovery from surgery usually takes up to 2-3 weeks. Most people are able to return to work within a week to 10 days. Maturation of the scar will take longer, as it will continue to diminish and heal overtime. 

Full recovery time for this type of cosmetic surgery is 3 months when the inflammation has subsided and the area has had time to heal. 

More information on Blepharoplasty surgery can be found here. Alternatively, you can also call our friendly reception staff on (03) 9070 0953.

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